“Build it and they will come” is an anomaly in today’s cost-conscious healthcare environment. Launching a new medical technology or expanding markets for an existing technology is challenging in the current reimbursement-focused environment. As companies continue to emerge, invent, and innovate, it is absolutely critical to ensure that there is an appropriate reimbursement pathway for any new technology. Companies that take a proactive approach to reimbursement, with a well-designed strategy incorporating the needs of all key stakeholders, will be well positioned for success.

Since 2003 Emerson Consultants has been successful in obtaining positive reimbursement for both new and existing technologies. Our consulting team develops and implements strategic plans that will have an impact on our client’s bottom line. We don’t just advise- we engage, we collaborate, we PARTNER.


We leverage our knowledge of reimbursement systems and health policy to assist our client’s develop and implement strategies.

Our Team

The consulting team at Emerson is comprised of industry veterans, former Payer Medical Directors, and recognized thought leaders in medical technology reimbursement.

Our Expertise

Our expertise spans across a wide variety of medical technologies, healthcare specialties, healthcare systems, and payers.

We don’t just advise—we get it done.

we engage, we collaborate, we PARTNER.

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